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Created by Hunter Van Groth, HVG Legacy Group (HVG) is the gateway to global creators and influencers. HVG brings deals to social media influencers, music producers, marketing agents, Grammy award-winning music artists, and creators with millions of followers. HVG discovers and manages groundbreaking actors and music artists. HVG content house set to launch 2023 will transform the influencer industry and help unlock creator potential to earn income from their work.

Companies tap HVG to lead influencer and digital marketing campaigns because of the ease of deployment, ROI, and maximum market exposure. 

HVG influencer and creator drops get products, brands, and content directly in front of millions of millennials and Generation Z efficiently, effectively, and transparently. HVG uses platform analyses, real-time analytics, and proprietary engagement tools to provide clients with verified campaign efficacy reports, summary conclusions, and valuable insights.
Through HVG managed campaigns, HVG clients leverage the HVG roster of 50M+ followers across several platforms, including:
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Each HVG campaign uses multiple influencers and creators to fit the client's demographic needs and combines and aggregates the entire network to deliver maximum audience reach and engagement.

HVG is a proud partner of the GVBACK Global Network (, a movement dedicated to one-hour service projects making a difference.  
Profits from HVG operations benefit and support programs in South Los Angeles dedicated to arts, music, and entrepreneurship. 
The Team


Generation Z Icon Creators.

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Founder HVG Legacy Group

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